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Research shows the connection between nutrients and our mental state. The Western diet is often nutritionally deficient and our food produced from depleted soil containing pesticides and other chemicals.

Our brains are among the biggest consumers of nutrients.  Studies show that by supplementing with high strength micronutrients, it is possible to overcome mental health conditions naturally. See studies.

The best-researched micronutrient supplements over 20 years are those by Hardy Nutritionals founded by David Hardy. Now these micronutrient therapies are approved by the American Psychiatric Association.

Daily Essential Nutrients (DENs) are the key Hardy clinical supplement for mood and anxiety disorders such as Bipolar, Depression, ADHD, Autism, OCD, Insomnia and others. For questions about DENs - see here

As well as micronutrient support, when working with an experienced therapist in counselling and psychotherapy the causes, not just the symptoms can be identified and then released over a period of time.

Other activities have been scientifically proven to support us such as yoga, meditation and mindfulnessexercise and being in nature. These have been investigated by our psychiatric consultant Dr Maya Roberts.

Our vision is that the use of evidence-based micronutrients and supportive activities become the norm for healing mental health conditions naturally. Furthermore, we are proud to be the distributors for Hardy Nutritionals whose supplements are Dairy-free, Gluten-free and GMO-free.

"We commit to giving 5% of our profit to charitable support for natural mental health and planetary wellbeing"

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These Micronutrients Are Changing Lives

Hardy’s micronutrients are changing the lives of individuals around the globe. This natural alternative is backed by independent studies, endorsed by psychologists and approved by parents for behaviour, mood, and focus.

Boasting a therapeutic level of vitamins and minerals, Daily Essential Nutrients ensures the body is getting the micronutrients that it requires to perform optimally, unlike typical multivitamins. .

Hear from the professionals who say Hardy Nutritionals work

I first became involved in nutrition as a psychiatrist observing a 10 year-old boy who had bipolar disorder—a very serious form of it. He was having major temper tantrums for an hour, two hours, four hours a day (every day for some months)—a very seriously disruptive set of symptoms. And he took a vitamin-mineral supplement and within 5 days his symptoms cleared entirely. The tantrums were gone on the 5th day of treatment and he wasn’t even irritable, he wasn‘t even grouchy.

Dr Charles Popper, Harvard Medical School

Hear from the patients who use Hardy Nutritionals

I was diagnosed with depression when I was pretty young. My whole life I have struggled with finding something that allows me to ‘feel like myself’ while feeling depressive. Hardy Nutritionals Daily Essential Nutrients is the answer for me. I have a lot more energy, I’m happier, I’m calm and focused and the best part is I don’t have any side effects to deal with any more

Garret .M

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