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Healing the Gut and Mental Health

Healing the Gut and Mental Health

There has been a lot of publicity about the link between the gut and the brain, and the importance to our health of the ‘microbiome’, sometimes called 'the second brain'.  The microbiome equates to the population of bacteria which are responsible for many systems of the body.  At its simplest, the ‘good bacteria’ need to be able to get on top of and outnumber the ‘bad bacteria’.  As our world has grown ever more polluted and there is over-use of antibiotics, which kill all the bacteria indiscriminately, the amount of good bacteria available to our systems can get depleted.  This leaves us vulnerable to the spread of bad bacteria as they enter our bodies in various ways, weakening our immune systems.

The good bacteria are also responsible for the enzymatic breakdown of all our food so that it is absorbable and useable by all the systems which depend on the right nutrients. In fact many vital compounds are actually created by the good bacteria in our gut.  And there is evidence that some ‘bad bacteria’ and some antibiotics’ side effects can themselves create mental imbalance - from delusions to paranoia and insomnia (See the following article *for the research)  

So the importance of our gut microflora cannot be underestimated. As a company committed to providing more nutrients to the brain in order for it to find balance and optimal operation, we are aware that it is vital to be able to absorb your food and any supplements needed.  It is possible to identify imbalances in the gut by being aware of symptoms.  You can use the Microflora Imbalance questionnaire ** created by Hardy Nutritionals for this.  You can also email us for information about nutritional needs based on a symptoms’ analysis.  Email

We have been delighted at the results of using the Greens & Probioticsproducts from Hardy Nutritionals.  Unusually, these combine the probiotic enzymes needed for the good gut bacteria, the lactobacillus and bifidabacteria, with good nutrients and superfoods that the bacteria need to multiply and nourish themselves and thence the body itself. They include wheatgrass powder, green tea extract, spirulina and many more.     

Another Hardy product, Olive Leaf Extract, also comes recommended for use in combatting Candida, or yeast overgrowth, in the gut.