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Kingcup Insomnia Audio File

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Tags: Frequency-based healing, relaxing music, audio download, relief for insomnia

This frequency-based relaxing music download will provide assistance in achieving relief from insomnia.  (If you are suffering additionally from stress we suggest you buy the Insomnia and Stress version).

This is Distant Healing in the 21st Century, based on a combination of digital technology and holistic therapies:  crystals, colour, acupoints, essential oils, sound and flower essences (where applicable)  have been used to create a powerful new way of accessing their collective healing energies focussing on specific conditions, which have been recorded and then combined with the beautiful music of Thaddeus*.

Audio files are produced and recorded by KingCup Healing Notes.


This is a new form of distant healing (meaning that you do not need to visit a healer).  Of course we hope that you will feel the benefit from the start, but it is likely that the effect will be cumulative and could take several weeks.

On most Healing Notes audiofiles the voiceover has a bit at the end which brings you back to full consciousness, and suggests you take a drink of water; but since you may want to use the audiofile to actually help you drop off to sleep (which has helped other users), this bit has been removed.  If you drift off to sleep while listening, don’t worry that you haven’t heard part of the recording: the words and the healing energy will continue to work while you are asleep.

Having said that, you can actually listen at any time of the day; the energy is targeted to help your main sleep period, so use the audiofile when it suits you.  If you use it in the daytime, when the music fades after 20 minutes please take time to bring your consciousness back to where you are; to re-orientate and gather your sense of self and your surroundings. When you feel ready, open your eyes and take a drink of water.

Try to listen daily at a time to suit you; the track is 20 minutes long, so it will not eat into much of your day, but its creator is becoming increasingly convinced that it is important to be consistent.  We suggest that it is a good idea to put aside this short time, and to relax comfortably either sitting or lying, with your eyes closed.  You do not need to concentrate – just let the healing music wash over you.  Listening through earphones will give you the best experience and allow the sounds which carry the healing vibrations to enter your aura easily.

Like most healing, this product does not promise an Instant Cure. Also, although this sounds like the ultimate disclaimer, physical, emotional and mental healing is not always possible.  You may be familiar with the idea of karma, or that each of us has lessons to learn in the course of walking our Life Path.  Some people’s lives have extremely difficult patches, some very long, and it may not be possible to determine whether or not these are part of a life experience destined to increase learning at a soul level.  However, we believe that even if complete healing is unattainable, there will be benefits from this recording at, say, the emotional, mental or spiritual level.

Please be aware that Kingcup Healing Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, nor should they replace the advice of your healthcare professional.  Please remember that removing symptoms may hinder an accurate diagnosis, if this has not already been given to you. The Healing Notes recordings may assist the body and the mind in their efforts to rebuild and heal at several levels; but they are purchased and used at the buyer’s own risk. If you are under the care of your GP, hospital consultant, or other health professional, you should continue any treatment which has been prescribed.

After payment you will receive a link via email to download your audio file.

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