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This frequency-based relaxing music download will provide enhancement to mental wellbeing in a range of mind and mood conditions.  If you are suffering a diagnosable mental illness like depression or severe anxiety, buy the relevant CD/audiofile either instead of this one; or as well as this one, to work alongside.

The Healing Notes Healthy Mind CD is a little different from most of the others in the series, in that it comprises three tracks, to be used over a period of time in succession.

This is Distant Healing in the 21st Century, based on a combination of digital technology and holistic therapies:  crystals, colour, acupoints, essential oils, sound and flower essences (where applicable)  have been used to create a powerful new way of accessing their collective healing energies focussing on specific conditions, which have been recorded and then combined with the beautiful music of Thaddeus*.

Audio files are produced and recorded by KingCup Healing Notes.


This is a new form of Distant Healing (meaning that you do not need to visit a healer). Of course I hope that you will feel the benefit from the start, but it is likely that the effect will be cumulative and could take several weeks.


Track 1:  Under Attack

You should start with Track 1 which deals with emotions and results from external factors, or the unconscious mind: outside our immediate control, but needing to be dealt with, eg:

Apathy                           Distress                  Emotional exhaustion

Guilt                               Confusion               Poor memory

Mental blocks                Mood swings          Trauma

Shyness                         Loneliness


I suggest that you spend at least a week listening only to this track before going on to Track 2.  You might need longer – be guided by your intuition.  If you bought this audiofile because you felt that your mental state needed some balancing and focus you might use this first track for some weeks.  When you feel ready, move on to the second track.

Track 2: Inward Work

Character traits and mental habits that need working on before going on to listening to the Positive Change track, eg:

Anger/bad temper                  Self-discipline             Poor concentration

Poor decision making             Bitterness                   Impatience

Irritability                                 Laziness                     Lack of will-power

Dealing with change               Aggression


Again, spend as long as you think you need, listening to either this track alone, or to both tracks 1 and 2. When you feel that you have worked well on your issues, go on to the final part of the CD.

 Track 3:  Positive Change

Final outcome – enhanced levels of:

Optimism                                                 Tranquillity

Ability to move on/move forward             Joy

Zest for and love of Life                           Upliftment

Hope                                                        Clarity of thought


This track too may take some time to bring about change – try it for several weeks, and if you don’t feel an improvement return to one of the earlier tracks for some more time.

I wish you peace, calm and clarity for your onward journey along your Life Path.

After payment you will receive a link via email to download your audio file.

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