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Try our New and Improved Products from Hardy Nutritionals!

Try our New and Improved Products from Hardy Nutritionals!

We are very excited to be taking pre-orders for two new supplements from the Hardy Nutritionals range, the world's leading formulator of micronutrients for brain health who are committed to remaining at the forefront of nutrition research and development: 

Daily Essential Nutrients with Added Vitamers (DEN-V) and

Daily Essential Nutrients powder in new Unflavoured, or new flavours Chocolate Caramel, Strawberry Peach, or Mixed Berry


  1. 1.      Daily Essential Nutrients With Added Vitamers ( DEN-V )

We are pleased to introduce the newest supplement, Daily Essential Nutrients with added Vitamers (DEN-V). This product is a powerful addition to the  line-up of clinical micronutrients already on offer.

What are vitamers?

Vitamers are simply different forms of vitamins than the typical forms found in multivitamin supplements. For example, Vitamin B12 naturally consists of three vitamers, or different forms, all three of which are available in the new DEN With Added Vitamers formula. These include methylcobalamin, adenosylcobalamin, and hydroxocobalamin. 

Why add vitamers?

Vitamers allow the body to uptake different forms of vitamins which can sometimes have unique importance in the body. For example, providing all three forms of vitamin B12 rather than just one has been shown to support a healthy metabolism. When providing multiple vitamers for each vitamin, our formulation matches the food form of each vitamin better, which may ultimately provide better absorption and better efficacy.

Will the original Daily Essential Nutrients continue to be available?

Yes! You can still access the original Daily Essential Nutrients on our website.

Who should use Daily Essential Nutrients With Added Vitamers?

DEN-V was primarily formulated for individuals with genetic mutations or other metabolic sensitivities such as people with methylation or lithium sensitivity. In addition, individuals who want a high-quality supplement that contains more of the natural food vitamers than are present in the original DEN would be good candidates for the new DEN-V.

For those people doing well on Daily Essential Nutrients, there is no real reason to switch to the DEN-V.  If however, you feel you may benefit from the added vitamers form, and would like to see if it makes a difference for you, then it is a great new option. 

What symptoms from taking the original DEN might indicate that DEN With Added Vitamers could be a better fit?

Increased anxiety or insomnia for which medication interactions, gut health issues, yeast infections, etc. have been ruled out may be an indication of methylation issues (i.e. sensitivity to methylfolate and methylcobalamin). In addition, if you have blood or genetic tests showing altered vitamin B6 metabolism or folate metabolism, the DEN-V will likely be the best fit for you.

Will the new DEN-V work as well as the original DEN?

Not only will the original DEN research apply to the new DEN-V formula, we believe the new DEN-V formula will almost certainly be better for some people who may not be doing as well as they would like to be on the original DEN.    Every person has different genetics, diet, and microbiome and each individual has different specific needs. Because of this, some will find it more effective, and some may find it less effective. 

What are the differences between DEN and DEN-V?

·         Vitamin E

·         Added mixed tocopherols (high gamma) and mixed tocotrienols (high delta)

·         Proven antioxidant benefits 

·         Demonstrated cardiovascular health benefits as well as anti-cancer effects




·         Additional nicotinamide riboside and nicotinic acid

·         Matches food ratios better, known differences in absorption, transport, and gut microbiome effects.

·         Not enough nicotinic acid to cause flushing.


Vitamin B6

·         Added pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P5P)

·         P5P is proven to be more safe and effective than pyridoxine for people with certain genetic mutations


Vitamin B12

·         Added hydroxocobalamin

·         Now all three of the main food vitamers of B12 are included

·         Matches food form better, known differences in metabolism



·         Added folinic acid

·         We now include both folinic acid and methylfolate

·         Known differences in metabolism


No lithium on the label

·         The mineral lithium is no longer listed as an added ingredient but is naturally present in the Great Salt Lake minerals at about 1/4 to 1/3 of the original DEN.


Iodine from Atlantic kelp

·         A great source of many trace minerals

Will the new DEN-V be more expensive than the original DEN?

There is a slight price difference between Daily Essential Nutrients and Daily Essential Nutrients With Added Vitamers. The reason for the difference in cost of DEN-V is due to the fact that more ingredients are included and many of the ingredients are more expensive than the common vitamin ingredients. As always, Hardy Nutritionals source only the highest quality and most pure ingredients from around the world. Additionally, the new DEN-V is available in both a 120 and 360 capsule bottle.

2.      New Daily Essential Nutrients Unflavoured and Flavoured Powders


The second product that we are very pleased to be introducing is the NEW and IMPROVED Daily Essential Nutrients Unflavoured Powder which is the Hardy Nutritionals clinical-strength micronutrients formula in powder form. It provides the solid nutritional foundation the brain and body need to perform optimally.

This new powder is:

-          Sugar Free

-          Aspartame Free

-          Free of unhealthy additives or dyes

-          Soy-free

-          Vegan

-          Liquid Soluble

-          Delicious

Daily Essential Nutrients remains, in its powder and capsule form, the world’s most research-backed micronutrient formulation for mood and mental health. Backed by .nearly 20 years of extensive independent clinical research (including an impressive track record of safety), it delivers a complete complement of essential minerals and vitamins to the body in an optimum balance. The proprietary NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology , which Hardy Nutritionals utilises, combines each mineral with organic molecules— just like nature—to optimize absorption and distribution to body cells. This enables vital nutrients to efficiently cross the blood-brain barrier where they enhance neuron structure and function.