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The effect – and essential role of - micronutrients on the brain is now well recognised. There is also much evidence of the importance of a healthy gut microbiome which can be aided by using probiotics.

There are various ways of improving mental health through changing diet and lifestyle.  However, not everyone finds it easy to change their diet especially if their mental state is low.  Nor is it easy to ensure that the full range of essential micronutrients is available through diet, especially with the effects of air pollution, soil degradation, use of pesticides and hormones, and so forth.  So we at Resource & Rebalance Me were delighted to discover and make available the well-tested and researched range of Hardy Nutritionals’ capsules and powders specifically created to support mental health and wellbeing.  

For Treatment Guidelines and other information relevant to clinical applications of Hardy Nutritionals products, please refer to the Clinical Reference Guide for Healthcare Professionals which is downloadable as a pdf.  Alternatively there is detailed guidance from the guide broken into subject matter on their website under  Clinical Resources

This represents a wealth of knowledge accumulated through extensive research and feedback from healthcare professionals. 

If there are any further enquiries relating to Hardy products contact us by calling 01278 671863 or emailing Furthermore, in depth clinical guidance may be obtained by contacting in Canada who have a specialised clinical support team. 

See here for the Research Summary Booklet

Free Training for Practitioners

Hardy's clinical support team in Canada provide free training to practitioners consisting of one half hour session on live video call, and continued back up.  It is a requirement of being listed on our Find a Practitioner list that this training is undertaken.  All you need to do is put in your timezone (UK) so that your session can be appropriately scheduled.  (You do not need to create an account on their website.  The link is as follows

Free Wellness Tracker

They also offer a free Wellness Tracker for customers that can be an invaluable tool to assist practitioners in monitoring clients' progress. Email  for details.

Hardy Nutritionals Product Availability For Practitioners

Resource and Rebalance Me Ltd supplies practitioners at clinical prices.  As the Sole UK Distributor we import all the Hardy products to the UK and supply from a warehouse near Reading which specialises in supplement order fulfilment.  By ordering from us customers and practitioners can save on duties and shipping.  Orders to the UK are shipped free of charge.  We can also supply practitioners and customers in Europe.  For an affiliate account please set up an account as a practitioner on this website.  

If you wish to discuss please email