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Hardy Free Form Aminos (240 capsules)

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Tags: amino acids, high doses of psychiatric medications, sleeplessness, insomnia, amino acid profile based on human milk, essential building blocks

Balanced Free-form Aminos

by Hardy Nutritionals is specially formulated to meet human needs by delivering a broad array of nature-select amino acids in optimal balance and form. This newly concentrated proprietary formula is based on the unique amino acid profile of human milk, which is remarkably similar around the world regardless of a mother’s diet or race.

Amino acids are essential building blocks for enzymes, neurotransmitters, and hormones. In fact, all systems, organs, and tissues in our bodies require the right blend of amino acids to function properly, with the help of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Individuals on high and/or chronic doses of psychiatric medications benefit from taking Balanced Free-form Aminos. It can also provide a short-term benefit for sleeplessness.

What makes Balanced Free-form Aminos unique from other amino acid supplements?                

As well as the optimal balance based on human milk already described, pure ‘free-form’ amino acids need no digestion. They are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and immediately available to be used for many metabolic functions—from neurotransmitter and hormone balance to tissue healing, detox, and immunity. Many people also report that free-form aminos help ease over-medication and drug withdrawal effects. 

How are ‘free-form’ amino acids different from protein supplements?  Proteins consist of a long, complex ‘string’ of amino acids—all connected together. Proteins are like a bead necklace. Each bead on the necklace represents an individual amino acid on the ‘string’. When we eat proteins, our bodies need to break up the ‘string’ (by digestion) so that the individual amino acids can be utilized by our bodies.

‘Free-form’ amino acids, on the other hand, are already separate; they aren’t joined together with any other amino acids in a protein ‘string’. This allows the individual amino acids to be instantly absorbed and used by the body—without digestion. Our bodies then take these individual amino acids and use them as ‘building blocks’ for making millions of specialized proteins, which are vital for virtually every bodily function.

Balanced Free-Form Aminos Suggested Use : Take 4 capsules twice daily between meals.

At the recommended adult dose (8 caps/day), a bottle of Balanced Free-form Aminos lasts 30 days.

Other names: Dr Hardys, Dr Hardy's

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